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4 Key Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Outdoor Living Project This Winter (click to read more)

Imagine stepping away from your work and coming home to your own private, outdoor deck oasis. Perhaps you take a moment to listen to the rustle of leaves, or trickle of a fountain or watch your children and pets play, or the sound and smell of supper cooking on your BBQ, or the peace & tranquility from your deck while simply watching the sunset - or special time with the people that can be around you.


  • Is the winter weather and covid-19 keeping you indoors more than you’d like?

  • Do you have the winter time blues and can’t wait for it to warm up so you can start enjoying the outdoors again?

As spring is typically the busiest season of the year to build and remodel, it’s important to plan ahead and reserve your spot on the schedule before it fills up. So, while you’re stuck inside waiting for springtime to arrive, you can prevent cabin fever by planning your spring outdoor living project.

Here are a few thoughts as to the advantages we hope you find helpful in realizing that dream right away:

1 - Visualization

Dormant plants and trees let you get a good look at the space available for a new deck, patio, or covered porch. The nearly blank slate of the winter landscape makes it easy to visualize your new outdoor living project. It allows you to see if any changes are needed to the existing landscaping and if you need to remove any trees or shrubs that are obstructing the view. If you decide to take out landscaping features or trees, this is usually easiest to be completed during winter or early spring while plants are still dormant.

2 - Scheduling That works Best For You

Companies like Mighty Decks tend to be booked solid by the time spring arrives. Scheduling your deck, patio, or other outdoor living project during the winter months allows you to pick the perfect time before the rush. Concrete foundations and piers must be poured while temperatures are right, so there’s a limited window of installation for outdoor living projects each year.

3 - Planning And Permits And Permissions Details

From permits to planning permissions and town/city/county restrictions, it usually takes weeks to work out every last detail of an outdoor living project. Starting in the winter gives you plenty of time to run around and work on these details before construction time arrives. While winter storms and freezing temperatures interrupt installation services, spend your time pinning down the details so that you’re ready to go the minute the weather warms.

4 - Time To Think

Home improvement projects change for the better when they are planned out over the course of months or years. Coming back to your designs and ideas after putting them down for a few days or weeks gives you a fresh look that might change your mind. By taking your time to research materials, design options, and customizations, you’ll end up with a deck or patio that truly fits the needs of your family. Don’t let winter conditions keep you from considering improvements to your home’s backyard, or the cabin/cottage.


From custom design and building of decks, patios, and outdoor projects, Mighty Decks is ready to help you create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Contact us today ( so we can get you added to our spring schedule before it fills up. Since 2009, Mighty Decks has worked with countless clients to help turn their dream project into reality: Decks, Fences, Gates, Porches, Privacy Screens, Railings, Sheds, Cabanas, Trellises, Pergolas, Gazebos … and more! We offer reliability, creativity, and affordability to ensure the new extension of your home feels like home.

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